Proven Home Business Ideas and Opportunities – Could This Be The Home Business Opportunity For You?

Finding a Proven Home Business Opportunity

You are looking to be part of a business that has proven results. You want to be teamed up with the best and most respected company in its industry. Nobody brags about being second best. Nobody cares about second fiddle. Make sure the leaders of the company have proven their business opportunity that you are taking advantage of. Make sure they have had success in the past, to prove they have a track record.

Customer Retention

Next, you should look at their customer retention. I say “retention” instead of “satisfaction” because if a customer keeps on coming back for more they are obviously satisfied. While, if a customer is satisfied, it does not necessarily mean they will come back for more. A happy customer refers family and friends to the company, ultimately resulting in future success. An unhappy customer leaves, and tells family and friends not to buy or use the company, ultimately resulting in its demise.

Supply and Demand

After that, you must make sure there are more customers in demand that need whatever this company has to offer. If a company is number one in its industry but the market is tapped out, you would be wasting your time trying to sell what has already been bought. This will ensure the company has room to grow.


Once you have found the best business in your industry of interest, you will want to make yourself a part of it. But before you do, you now need to team up with someone who can handover the proven home business opportunity and make it work for you. This person should already be an example of the proven home business opportunity.

When you find the right person who can prove to you, they can take you by the hand and walk you down the path of the proven home business opportunity, you must follow their instructions exactly.

You Create Proof, Proof Doesn’t Create You

Just finding the right company and the right mentor, will not necessarily bring you success in your home business opportunity. You should be willing to work for it. You won’t succeed just by “knowing” the right thing to do. You will only succeed by actively “doing” the right thing, day in and day out. The only way to become part of a proven home business opportunity, is to follow your mentor, and walk in their footsteps.

In conclusion make sure you find the right mentor in the right opportunity at the right time. Above all else, don’t give up.

Remember you can only say “I know that” if you’re living it.

Home Business Opportunities – Four Home Based Business Opportunities To Choose From

Home business opportunities are virtually everywhere you look online. And the promoters of each home based business opportunity often claim that the opportunity they promote is the best business opportunity to join. This often makes it difficult for newbies to make the right choice, the choice that best suit their situation. This article takes a look at the four broad categories of home business opportunities so you can identify the option that suit your circumstances and therefore make informed choice.

The four broad categories of home based business opportunities are:

1. Opportunities that involve building an information rich web site from scratch and thereafter monetizing the resulting traffic

2. Opportunities that involve joining affiliate programs that offer unique affiliate links for promoting the affiliate product or service

3. Opportunities that involve joining a network marketing home based business opportunity that offer free distributor web site to members and

4. Opportunities that involve getting paid a fixed amount for completing a set of tasks online

Let’s take a closer look at each option above.

The first online business opportunity involves building your dream online business from scratch.

The right process requires you to do the following:

  • identify your passion
  • brainstorm topics that fall within your passion or interest using appropriate brainstorming software
  • identify a profitable niche that matches your passion or interest
  • Assemble low competition keywords that define your niche
  • Draw up a site blueprint
  • Design your web site
  • Write content for your web site using the low competition keywords brainstormed earlier
  • Promote your web site massively online
  • Add income generating streams to your web site
  • Cash your money month after month

If you conclude that the above process is tedious and time consuming, you’re probably right.

But why?

It’s because it’s business… it’s online business. And online business takes time, effort, and creativity just like offline does.

The second home business opportunity mentioned above is affiliate program marketing. With this type of online business, you join the affiliate program of your choice and promote the affiliate links you’re given using a blend of online marketing techniques. Some online marketing techniques will produce more results than others. So, you need to track your sales promotion efforts or campaigns to determine what works and what doesn’t for the specific affiliate program you promote. Then drop campaigns that don’t work and do more of what works.

The third category of home based business opportunities are MLM home business opportunities that offer members free distributor web sites to promote the MLM business opportunity. As with the affiliate program model, members of this type of MLM business opportunity promote their member web site url and register new team members using the tools on the member site they were given.

The fourth online business opportunity involves completing a set of tasks in expectation of being paid a pre-determined amount.

This kind of opportunities include:

  • paid to write
  • paid to attend to customers (online customer service jobs)

… and other such online job opportunities.

WARNING: Verify that the internet job opportunity you’re interested in is legitimate before you join!

Each of the home business opportunities described above have their pros and cons.

Option 1 above requires you to do a lot of work without immediate reward. With this type of online business, you’re basically writing an online book or journal. And you don’t get paid for writing a book until it’s finished and it starts selling, right?

In simple words, this option is a long-term business where you build traffic or your own customer base through content writing and marketing. This is a tedious but rewarding way to build a long-term business. With this type of home based business you own your traffic or customer base. And when you own your traffic, you own your business.

Option 2 is affiliate program marketing. This system involves selling a product or service by finding a market for it. Depending on where you advertise or promote the affiliate programs, you can begin to make money right away.

Here’s one thing to remember though.

Not everyone makes money from promoting affiliate program products despite spending a lot of money in advertising.


It’s because affiliate program marketing success requires a set of skills. To succeed, you need to learn the skill-set that guarantees success. Option 3 is much like option 2. You get paid for promoting a network marketing opportunity.

However, unlike most affiliate program opportunities that are free to join, virtually every network marketing home based business opportunity require members to join with a registration fee. Besides the registration fee, members must buy at least one pack of the MLM product they promote every month to stay active and qualify to earn commissions (at least in most programs). This means there is a maintenance cost for most MLM business opportunities.

Option 4 is the most direct form of online business. You get paid to complete a set of assignments. The problem with this is that it’s like having a day job… when you stop working, you stop earning. Whereas with the other kinds of home business opportunities discussed above, you can build your business to a point where what you earn far outweigh the efforts you put in. And you can put your business on auto pilot.

What home business option is right for you right now?

It depends on your current circumstances. In my candid opinion, the overall best option is one that allows you to build a long-term business and put your business on auto pilot down the road.

I’m talking passive income!

Bottom line.

It’s your life. Choose how you want to live it.

Choose the opportunity that works for you.

Free Home Business Opportunities! Will They Work For You?

Wow! The state of the global economy has people pulling their hair out and not knowing what to do next. People are losing jobs daily and now a lot of people are starting to wise up and understand, there is no such thing as job security and that becoming an entrepreneur is their only option. Knowing this, what kind of business should you start? A old franchise business? A traditional business? A business online? Well a large amount of people don’t have the investment capital for the first two options, so millions are turning to the Internet. Now one opportunity that is very appealing to most, are free home business opportunities. Most people turning to the Internet to start their own business are stepping into a new world they know nothing about. So most people don’t know what type of business models to look for, plus free home business opportunities may be more appealing than others because there free, or at least that’s what they’re promoting. But the question is, are these companies really free and can you truly make a living online using free home business opportunities? I’m a top producer in my primary business now, but before I teamed up with them, I went through a few free home business opportunities and I’ve seen others experiences as well. So I want to give you the answer to that question, will free home business opportunities work based on the experience of myself and hundreds of others.

First anyone that tells you, you can run a business with absolutely no investment is not being honest with you and is in my opinion, insulting your intelligence. Even if everything is given to you, if you want to run a legitimate business you are at least going to have to register your business name. An that costs. But most companies, especially free home business opportunities don’t even mention that. Also if you are planning on making money as fast as possible your going to want to use the #1 most visited website in the world right? Well that’s Google and the type of marketing that will get your ads up immediately is call Pay Per Click. An that costs. Also to use Pay Per Click you can’t use company replicated websites. So you’ll have to get one made. That costs unless you are going to build a website yourself. Which by the way is information free home business opportunities don’t teach. So basically there is not free solution for this problem. I hate long articles so I’m going to cut this one short, but I think you get the point. Don’t get me wrong, an online business model is the best to go with and will deliver the fastest return on your investment, but it is no different than building any other business. It costs.

So what you want to do is find a home business opportunity that first, has integrity. Then make sure it offers everything you need to be successful working from home. If price is your only concern then all I can say is good luck on finding a legit home business opportunity. Quality and training in the company you choose to team up with is most important because as long as you take action, you will be making a boat load more money than you spend. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

I see ads for free home business opportunities all over and unfortunately a lot of people end up wasting their time and most eventually give up and the probably turn around and call the industry a scam. The whole purpose of this article was to give people the truth about starting and building a real business and snap some people back into reality. So for those of you who really get the point of this article, I’m sure you will have success online as long as you take action. People who want to try to run a 100% free business, good luck with that.

Free Home Business Opportunity

A free home Business opportunity is everywhere nowadays. It is not hard to run across one as you go about your day to day business. You can find them in newspapers, online, and even on the side of the road on a sign, and they all claim that you can earn income from home with little or no start up costs and working fewer hours and earning a higher pay. While this sounds good, we know there has to be a catch to such an enticing offer. This article will describe the different types of home businesses that claim to be free, and what the initial costs and long run costs will be in any particular free home business opportunity, and how to find and avoid internet scams associated with home-based businesses.

The FREE Home Business Opportunity
In order to understand what a free home business opportunity really is, we must first define it. First of all, a free home business opportunity comes in many forms. It is as broad, if not more, than all of the different types of job markets there are. There are hundreds of choices ranging from makeup sales to internet marketing to even pet breeding; however, regardless of what kind of business you are interested in, it is important to understand what part of it that is being marketed as free.

Different companies use multiply ways to advertise a product or service. Many times things will be reduced in price, offered as a BOGO (buy one get one), or given for free under the stipulation that something else will be purchased. These tactics work well for most companies to raise sales and increase profits. Another way that a company might entice its customers is to offer something free for a limited time or on a trial basis.

When you are looking for a free home business opportunity, note what it is, specifically, that the company is offering you free of charge. Often times it will be the educational material needed to begin the business, a start-up kit, or access to a particular website’s features. Be aware of the “fine print” associated with the FREE offer, as it often times will have some. Trust me; you don’t want to get caught up in something you didn’t know you were getting into.

The Initial Costs vs. the Long-Term Costs
A financial analysis is always a smart way to go in order to ensure a successful business start. It is vital to know what you must invest in the beginning of any Endeavour, as well as how much you will have to invest in years to come.

Many of us do not have the means to start up a business without the help from loans, and because of this, the idea of the free home business opportunity is very alluring. Taking a financial risk, like starting up a home-based business, is scary in these economic times, so finding ways to start a business without having to assume too much risk is a sensible way to go. A free home business opportunity that claims to require little or no money down is worth checking in to.

Is This an Opportunity of a Scam?
If a company is willing to discount their fees for a product or service in order to attract you to them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a scam. It can, however, mean one of two things. First, the company may be so sure that their home business opportunity will work for you that they are willing to share it with you at the least possible price. Second, the company may want to sell you something regardless of its ability to work for you or anybody else.

The only way to avoid a scam is to do some research. Find out what the company is all about, and decide if what they claim is reasonable and truthful. Only you can make the final decision on whether a company is trustworthy or not, and whether their particular free home business opportunity is the right one for you to get into. Remember that there are still some good home business opportunities out there that can give you the income and freedom you are looking for- just use some caution in your search.

Best of luck to you,
R. Baird